Aerial Recon Video

Hey guys, just a quick update today.  I took a video of the table setup we'll be using on our next battle.  I thought it would give you a better idea of what the overall fight is like while reading the AAR.   

The upcoming fight will see the men of the 25th ID up against the brave and fearless PAVN, this time in a 55 point battle.  I will be commanding the PAVN while my opponent will once again be my brother, DevilDoc.  Stay tuned!

Recon By Fire

Recon By Fire

US Rifle Company (Airmobile) vs NVA Infantry Battalion

Rifle Company (Airmobile) - 55 points


HQ - 1 pt.
2x Command M16 teams

Rifle PLT #1 - 9 pts.
7x M16 teams
2x M60 MG teams

Rifle PLT #2 - 9 pts.
7x M16 teams
2x M60 MG teams

Rifle PLT #3 - 9 pts.
7x M16 teams
2x M60 MG teams

81mm Mortar PLT - 5 pts.
4x 81mm Mortar teams


Huey Aviation PLT - 2 pts.
4x Huey 'Slicks'

Gunship PLT - 10 pts.
4x Gunships

Skyraider Support - 8 pts.
2x Skyraider w/ Napalm

1x Medevac Huey - 1 pt.
1x Medic team - 1 pt.

NVA Infantry Battalion - 55 points


HQ - 2 points
2x Command AK47 teams
1x Booby Trap

Infantry Company #1 - 21 pts
13x AK47 teams
9x B40 RPG teams
3x LMG teams

Infantry Company #2 - 14 pts
9x AK47 teams
6x B40 RPG teams
2x LMG teams

HMG PLT - 2 pts.
3x HMG teams

12.7mm AA PLT #1 - 2 pts
3x 12.7mm AAMG teams

12.7mm AA PLT #2 - 2 pts
3x 12.7mm AAMG teams

75mm RcR PLT - 2 pts.
3x 75mm RcR teams


14.5mm AA PLT - 3 pts.
3x 14.5mm AAMG

Front Artillery Company - 6 pts.

Beer Run

Beer Run The battalion commander of 1/5 Infantry (mech) 25th ID, Bobcat6, had his resupply chopper full of hooch go missing somewhere in the vicinity of the Hobo Woods, near the old Michelin rubber plantation.  The Bravo company commander, Berserker6 has been tasked with the recovery of the hooch and any crew that may be left alive.  The reason for the crash is unknown...

The entire table is considered Open Woods (Tall terrain, see and be seen 12", concealment for everything) except for a patch of waist high elephant grass(Short terrain, concealment for infantry and gun teams) in the middle.

1st platoon is on point, their LT is a cherry straight outta college but his map reading skills have been good so far.  He thinks they're close so he orders the men out of the 'tracks' and they take up a position in front of them as they push through the lightly wooded area 

More of the company coming from the rear.

The silence is abruptly ended as a pair of hidden machine gun nest…